An essential and mandatory part of your journey to and at SKC is New Student Orientation (NSO). NSO is designed to provide students with important information about college services. Students will become part of the SKC family as they learn to navigate campus and make connections with advisors, staff, and faculty. Students will learn college expectations and requirements and will familiarize themselves with campus life. Through engaging activities, new students will have their questions answered, meet one another, and become connected with SKC.

If you have questions about New Student Orientation? Please call 406-275-4800 extensions 4855 or 4926.

Watch the short video explaning the NSO Process.

Navigating NSO

This short video will guide you through the steps to completing SKC's Fall 2020 Online New Student Orientation

Don't forget the assessment!

Your New Student Orientation experience isn't over until you've taken the online NSO assessment.

Remember, a unique link will be sent to your email once you've started the assessment. This link will allow you to leave the assessment and come back to it at a later time to complete it.


Check out our weekly live NSO session every Wednesday at 11:00 AM. These short sessions aim to help keep you on the right path and answer important questions you might have.



  • Get to know the campus and the resources available to you
  • Find out about activities and clubs available to students
  • Gain more confidence with your choice to become a college student

Remember new students need to have a Completed SKC Admissions Application submitted prior to attending NSO. You may Apply for Admission to Salish Kootenai College online for questions please contact the Admissions Department 406-275-4855.

Departmental Orientation Sessions

Departments will expand the new student experience through a departmental lens. The new student cohort will be guided through Departmental Orientations in order to become familiar with departmental degree plans (two and four-year tracks), departmental expectations, advisor/advisee responsibilities, how to access the catalog to track degree progress, discuss student’s class selection and other opportunities.


What's Next?

Once the student has completed both an NSO session and their Departmental Orientations, they may register for classes per review from your advisor.

For additional New Student Orientation questions, please contact:

Juan Perez
Admissions Director
Phone: (406) 275-4855

Alana Bahe
New Student Orientation, Co-Chair
Health Promotion Practices, Department Head
Community Health & Development
Phone: (406) 275-4926