Want to make sure you are enrolling in the right program of study for you?

Want to make sure you are enrolling in the right program of study for you?

Every student goes about choosing a major or career differently. Some students prefer to choose a major first; whereas other students may choose a career first and then find a major that can help them prepare for that career. Ideally, you will work to ensure that your major and career match your personal interests, skills and values. It's important to take time to research what major best meets your career goals and individual interests –

MCIS is a program that is available to you to help you determine what career path is most compatible to you based on your interests, skills, and abilities. The program consists of three assessments. Each assessment takes approximately 1 hour to complete. If you need assistance or would like to discuss your results and how they best align with SKC's programs of study, please call (406) 275-4826 to make an appointment with SKC Career Services.


Some majors, such as Hydrology directly relate to a career (Hydrology Technician). Many more majors do not directly relate to careers, but they provide you with fundamental skills for life. With the right experiences, you can be very successful with either kind of major. Most importantly, choose a major you love and work hard to succeed at it; get experience through jobs or internships, and work with the Career Services to help connect your major and experiences to your future career.